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7 Best Onesies for Adults

Anyone who tells you onesies are only for babies is 100% wrong! A onesie for adults combine the warmth of snuggly pajamas with the practicality of a one-piece outfit. It’s the perfect way to stay cozy and warm all evening long.

Yes, an adult onesie can be cool, comfortable and, quite simply, awesome!

Want something to lounge around in on those chilly weekends in? Get an adult onesie! Need something for your Christmas office party? An ugly sweater onesie! Looking for the outfit to wear when opening presents on Christmas day? An onesie for adults, of course!

Whether you want stylish, super-warm, funny, or a gag gift, our list of the best adult onesies will be just what you need!

1. Onesie Animal Adult Green Chinese Dragon

unnamed file 6 - Adults Onesie

If you want cute, you can’t beat this!

Adorable green dragon, soft and cozy, complete with teeth and spiked tail, great for pajamas and costume parties, button up closure, can be worn over other clothes, loose fit, and suitable for most adult sizes. Super-soft and warm material

Loose-fitting and comfortable around the house. The button closure is ideal for guys who don’t want to zip themselves up in their onesie (trust us, it HURTS!). The sizes are suitable for men and women and the non-footie design makes it ideal for wearing shoes, slippers, and sandals.

You can buy it here

2. Onesie Animal Adult Stripe Colorful Unicorn


UNICORN!!! 100% new brand & high quality, super warm, affordable, pockets to store your phone or keys, non-footie design, machine-washable, loose fit, plus intricate detailing on the head, body, and tail.

Style: The word “kigurumi” refers to the popular Japanese practice of “wearing stuffed animals”. Kigurumi onesies were traditionally used by performers, but they’ve become adopted as the perfect winter pajamas for lounging. This unicorn onesie is the perfect choice if you’re a fan of relaxed comfort and warmth.

The details on the hood, body, and tail will make you look like a proper unicorn stuffed animal, and the colors are bright (blue, purple, pink, etc.) enough for the most eclectic tastes. The non-footie design makes it comfortable for lounging or even using as a costume for Comic-Con or anime conventions!

You can buy it here

3. Onsie Hero Adult Spiderman


If you are a huge fan of Peter Parker and his spider-like moves, then you will be happy to know that you can be just like him! The best Spiderman Onesie is here, and you will love wearing it!
Not only is the material high-quality, but it is also super-soft and snuggly. You will love wearing it around the house – and you will probably sleep in it as well. It’s that comfortable! Plus, once it gets dirty, you don’t have to worry about it – just throw it in the washing machine, and it will come out perfectly clean and in one piece (pun really intended)!
Be a superhero for a day – wear a Spiderman Onesie!

You can buy it here

4. Onesie Animal Adult Akita Dog


Dogs are warm, cozy and perfect for cuddling – and our Shiba Inu Kigurumi is no exception! The soft, luxurious fleece serves as a comfy coat while the hood is detailed with friendly ears and irresistible puppy dog eyes. Finished with a red collar and perfect for costume parties or sleepovers, this animal onesie is truly man’s best friend.

Material: Flannel, ultra soft, luxurious plush material
100% new brand & high quality.
You cab buy it here

5. Onesie Animal Adult Jake The Dog

Have your own Adventure Time adventures right at home with our bright and fun Jake The Dog Adventure Time Onesie. This Onesieful Onesie is made of ultra-soft flannel, has an oversized hood with Jake’s face on it and bright buttons down the front of the piece. Plus, this yellow onesie is an oversized design so you will have plenty of room to romp around in, no matter where your adventures take you. Includes a toilet zip for your convenience.

Size guide: This item is designed for a loose fit, so buy for your height!

100% high quality soft flannel.

You can buy it here

6. Onesie Pokemon Adult Pikachu

If you have a dream about Pikachu or want to be relax, now we can give you an chance to make it realized. This loose and one-piece onesies can bring magic and free to your life. Whether you go to a birthday party, a music festival, or choose the most intimate gift for friends and family, our animal onesies are the best choice.

There are four sizes in the onesies. You can choose the right size.

You can buy it here

7. Onesie Pokemon Adult Snorlax

unnamed file 6 - Adults OnesieCarefree and lazy, Snorlax is the Pokemon we can all relate to. So when you want to relax in style, look no further than this Kigurumi! Oversized and complete with his famously sleepy expression, it’s the ultimate way to enjoy some deep, peaceful rest. Just be sure you’re not blocking any roads, because once you fall asleep in this animal onesie, only a Poké Flute can wake you up.

You can buy it here

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